Recipe for a Miracle Part 1 | Jon Jorgenson – YouTube

You know how you always seem to hear the right thing at the right time, exactly when you need it? When you’re scrolling through your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram feed and someone posts an inspirational quote which feels as if it was posted specially for you? Well, watching this video made me feel this way.

It’s a short, seven minute sermon and it reaches deep (yo.). It’s incredible how God can give you exactly what you need at the exact time you need it 🙂

I’ve been feeling a bit lost lately, as if I’m floating from one task/assignment/deadline to the next and I’m barely managing. Until this weekend, when it all came tumbling down and I realised (with the help of my best friend) that I had lost my motivation. I lost the reason I had started studying in the first place. I lost the love of it, the thought of doing it to help people and have an amazing life worth living. I was so busy making sure everything was done and in order, making sure everyone else was happy and staying afloat, that I starting sinking. I forgot about God’s promises for my life, that He holds me and He is my comforter. I forgot that God can use me, exactly where I am and use the space that I’m in as preparation for what lies ahead.

This happens often though, it happens to each of us at some point or another and the turning point is when you get yourself together, cry it our and find your inspiration again. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Realise that your life, although performed by you, is not in your hands. You were created for a purpose greater than you could ever imagine 🙂

So even though it’s Monday and I started my day with decaff coffee (really guys, decaff?) I had an awesome gym session and therefore an awesome start to my day and week! I know I’ll have low moments again, but as long as I have a solid support system and a strong heart, I know that I have nothing to fear.

The Anima Series is incredible, be sure to check out some more of their videos 🙂

Love and a Happy Heart,

Rochelle Joy 🙂 xx

via Recipe for a Miracle Part 1 | Jon Jorgenson – YouTube.