The Yellow Umbrella Without The Happily Ever After

The Yellow Umbrella Without The Happily Ever After

-Oh dear. Where do I begin? I will say, I was utterly disappointed in How I Met Your Mother’s Finale Episode. It broke my heart to see how it ended. And although I wished it would end with Ted finding the girl of his dreams (which he did before they killed her off. What is this? Grey’s Anatomy? [I love Grey’s btw. Don’t be mistaken. But seriously??]), Barney & Robin living their legendary lives they’d envisioned together and Marshall & Lilly being Mr. & Mrs. Awesome with their many minions.

The thing is, is that, life doesn’t always end the way we want it to. We can’t have a list of perfect situations that are to play out inexact following order. (Well, we can, but there’s no guarantee it will play out as planned) Life kicks you around and gives you cookies only to take it away later. Life’s a big bully sometimes.

But that’s REAL LIFE. REAL LIFE is messy and complicated with deadlines and assignments and family crap. That’s why people love series so much, because it’s this awesome world where everything just works out. It’s a world where you can sit in a bar with your friends until 3am and go to work the next day fully functional. It’s a world where you can have as many sexual partners as your heart desires (oh, your poor heart) and have absolutely no consequences. It’s a world where you can get knocked over by a bus and still survive. That is why I’m disappointed in the ending. Not because the perfect mother dies and Ted gets Robin. I’m disappointed because for 9 seasons everything is so far from real life, and yet in the last two episodes reality suddenly shows her face.

Seriously though? No. Not cool at all.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t think the Mother was all that great the first time I saw her, but when I got to know her, I couldn’t help but love her. She really was perfect. So yes, as with most HIMYM fans, I’ll say that it should have ended with them (Ted & Tracy) on the station, under the yellow umbrella. Maybe some cute flash forward of their wedding day and all the other awesome bits to follow πŸ™‚ I feel that it was a journey backward, not one forward.

But! I’m not the producer. I don’t have my own show. So I’m not allowed to judge πŸ™‚ I will always love the show πŸ™‚ And one day, when I have the time to re-watch all the episodes, I will stop at episode 23. Before the s-word hits the wall.

As one person commented:
“They should rename it to: ‘How i met your mother who died very quick and that’s why I’m dating my selfish ex again’.”

So there you have it folks, they can’t even have happy endings on TV.

How I Met Your Mother’s Loose Ends All Tied Up

How I Met Your Mother’s Loose Ends All Tied Up


Here’s Every Loose End That Was Finally Wrapped Up In The 200th Episode Of “How I Met Your Mother”.

Just two days ago I watched this episode, and for the first time in How I Met Your Mother history, I cried. For some, that’s no surprise because often a lonely shoe on the side walk (that’s a line out of context from New Girl) makes me almost want to cry, so there’s that. But seriously, this was one of the best episodes the show has seen.

I say this with a bit of a heavy heart, because after all the shenanigans, the late night bar hangs, the searches for the perfect burger, the interventions, at one point, there was even a goat who fought Ted (spoiler: the goat won); we finally know who the mother is πŸ™‚ Which is great and all, but it also means the end of one of the greatest shows (after FRIENDS).

Alas! The show isn’t over (there isn’t a fat lady to sing, unless we bring Patrice into this haha) until he actually MEETS THE MOTHER, which has yet to happen (yay!)

So keep you pants on folks, with a few more episodes to go, I’m waiting in anticipation for that moment to come and I’m sure they’ll make it as magical as humanly possible. Because, seriously, if they don’t, we’ve wasted 8 precious years. No pressure though!


Ted Says It Best

Ted Says It Best

-I might just be feeling a bit How I Met Your Mother’y today, but I found this and it’s hilarious! Ted Mosby is an intelligent man, but this is by far one of the most intelligent things he’s ever had a revelation of.

You can’t say you haven’t done this yourself once or twice… maybe even more πŸ˜€ If not, then there is something terribly wrong friend!

His face πŸ˜€ ah! I love it! I’ll watch this all day and never get bored πŸ˜€


15 Career Tips From ‘How I Met Your Mother’

15 Career Tips From ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

-I love How I Met Your Mother. I’ve watched it about, twice through and am loving the latest season. I’m a little heart sore that the series is coming to an end, after 8 seasons 😦

Yes, I get we’re finally getting to meet the mother… But after all, it wasn’t just the mother we watched the series for. It was the journey toward the mother. You feel me? ha-ha

All in all, when I found this article, I thought it was absolutely hilarious (and I’ve learnt a bit too πŸ˜€ ). It makes me want to start with season 1 again πŸ™‚

You said it Robin πŸ˜‰

Letting People In

Letting People In

b3861afd7c249110c41ee6d2dea59e25-This is something that I struggle with, almost all of the time. I’m not entirely sure, but I have a constant fear of people leaving me. Strangely enough, I can only recall one specific time that a dear friend of mine left. It was in primary school, grade 5 to be exact. She wasn’t particularly special or anything… Anyway. So yes, this irrational fear has me closing up whenever people try to get too close to me.

I literally have a handful, may two handfuls of close friends and even they were hard to let in. It took months of trying and more months of forcing myself to open up and to let them into my world. It’s funny, because I don’t go “Oooh, you seem nice! Be my friend!” It takes lots of coffee dates and literally just slowly opening myself up. Like a flower, opening up toward the warmth of the sun and closing up again when that heat diminishes. I think we all have a slight fear that the person might not like what they see when the flower is totally exposed, when that flower is vulnerable, susceptible to to violation.Β Β So, instead of opening up and enjoying the warm embrace and caress of the sun, it just staysΒ closed up and alone, not being able to enjoy any of it.

The thing is, is that I would be perfectly happy on my own.Β I am not a personal people’s person. I love people, but I don’t enjoy people in my space. I think, were there to be a Zombie Apocalypse and by some divine intervention I survived, I would be fine on my own. But that’s not cool, it’s not healthy, it’s not good for one’s well-being (This being apart from the fact that there are brain eating half-dead people out to get me) haha. The thing is, is that we need people in our lives. We need to know that there are people who care about us, people who love us, people who want to know our opinion on whether or not to purchase the dress that might actually be a top. It’s not only for their benefit, but it benefits us to know that someone will notice if we were the first to die in the previously mentioned Zombie Apocalypse.

We need to have people in our lives, we need to let people in. We won’t survive on our own. Yes, people disappoint us, they let you down, they break your heart. It sucks, it makes you question yourself and your strength and your ability to handle yourself. You will feel rejected my those you love at some or other point, but that doesn’t last. The people in your life who really love you, the real friends, they come back. They redeem themselves, not because you’ve compelled them to, but because they’ve realized your worth and that they wouldn’t want to lose you.

It’s funny, only once you’ve grown up do you begin to see what real love is and what it means to be a true friend. The other funny thing is, is that you don’t get to this place without a few stumbles along the way. As Lily Aldren once said “You need to break a few eggs to make a good pancake” this couldn’t be any closer to the truth.