Best Friendship Song Ever By Bruno Mars – YouTube

So a dear friend of mine (Thank you Lotie), whom I haven’t seen in nearly 4 years posted this video onto my Facebook wall, about 3 or so days ago. I hadn’t had the chance to listen to it and anyway, I did tonight.

It’s so precious. I’m not the biggest Bruno Mars fan, I’m not even the second biggest Bruno Mars fan. I’ll sing along to his tunes and tap my foot to the rhythm of his music, still, I wouldn’t call myself a fan. But. This song. Is the sweetest song I’ve listened to in a very, very long time. It might just be because the music video is so darn cute, (I love darn cute music videos) either way, it’s the cutest thing you’ll see today. And if I’m wrong and you do in fact see something cuter today, PLEASE send it to me so that I can share in your cuteness!

For now, enjoy the cutest thing you’ll see in the next few minutes. I can assure you, your heart will melt and you will want to cry šŸ™‚

Best Friendship Song Ever By Bruno Mars – YouTube.