You Don’t Have to Be Better Than Everybody Else

You Don’t Have to Be Better Than Everybody Else

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Two posts in two days! Look at me, being all blogger’y and what have you šŸ™‚ I saw this a few minutes ago and I found it hilarious how just this morning, on the way back from gym Alex and I were arguing over fitness and something or other… He was saying that the only way to better oneself in their fitness is to be better than the person of similar fitness. He said something along the lines of beating them, means you’ve improved yourself. Which, I don’t agree with, and this is why…

I don’t think that it’s a healthy stance to take to always want to be the best in the room, at everything. And this was what I told Alex, but he was all like ‘no, but this is fitness and I know more than you blah blah blah..” ‘Cos seriously, if you’re the smartest/fittest, surely you’re not in the right room? The truth is that this is a type of philosophy that people apply to everything in their lives and it’s totes not cool. Also, what happens when you are in fact the fittest person in the room, glass ceiling? Go to another room? I just don’t think that we were made to be competing with each other in that we start comparing ourselves to one another.

I get it, I too would love to have the physics defying ab definition of said model on a Pinterest Health & Fitness board, but if I head to the gym at 06h00 every morning longing to sculpt my body to the dimensions of someone else’s I don’t think I’m doing anyone any favors. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I just don’t think that’s what it’s all about.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great to look up to and be inspired by said super ripped, fit females, I just don’t think our end goal should be to want to be molded like them. There are many people I look up to, and would love to be like, but I will never be them. I was made to be me, and be the best me I can be. I’m starting to sound like a pre-school teacher aren’t I šŸ˜€ But it’s true. The only way I will succeed at this fitness/study/successful career business, is by doing MY best every single chance I get. It’s really simple actually šŸ˜‰

If only Alex read my blog, he would understand this all so much better šŸ˜€

Hey, I might change my opinion on this within a few years. Who knows, maybe there’s a very competitive little gene inside someone waiting to reveal it’self. Even then, I do hope that my best measure of comparison is my-yesterday-self šŸ™‚

Love and sunshine filled smiles,

Rochelle šŸ™‚ xx


Zedd – Clarity (Official Video) ft. Foxes – YouTube

So I have a younger sister, her name is Carrie-Ann. She hates it when people call her on her full name, so she kinda goes by ‘Carrie’ these days. Anyway, she’s incredibly cool and has impeccable taste in music. When I asked her for some advice on some music for my revamped gym playlist (which is extremely important to me) she suggested this song.

Boy, was she right. I love it. I love it and I just can’t get enough of it. It takes me to a place of pure bliss, a place where it’s just me and my heart rate monitor haha. Seriously, I got my heart rate up to 195 with this song (I even started running. Yes, it’s that good).

I haven’t had the chance to listen to the rest of what this talented artist has to offer, but I’m guessing it’s probably amazing!

Zedd – Clarity (Official Video) ft. Foxes – YouTube.