Coca-Cola Social Media Guard – YouTube

This is so cool! I’ve been in the process of trying to limit my Social Media Time. That includes less time checking Twitter updates as well as less time scrolling to see the cool pictures of dogs and rainbows on Instagram 🙂

I do this because it does become overwhelming at times and, being a working student, it’s simply time wasted that I could be using way more effectively. But when I saw this on Dale Patridge’s site “The Daily Positive” I immediately searched for it on Youtube!

Although a bit impractical and rather tricky to pull of stylishly, I think it’s very cute and will definitely make people appreciate the things that are right in front of them 🙂

I know this is not social media related, but Alex has started a little SIMS community not too long ago. I think it’s fun and all, it just get’s on my nerves sometimes when the little notification says ‘soosoo’. It’s like ‘hey! We’re done with the things you gave us to do! Give us more things to do!’ And of course, being the dillegent person that he is, he’s going to tend to them. So being my joyful self, trying to turn it into a not-so-frustrating situation, whenever the notification goes off, I mimic it (Alex finds it hilarious) so we laugh and then he sees to his little people in the metal book. And, to add to that, if I’m trying to get his attention when he’s busy, I also use that opportunity to say ‘soosoo’ which works like a charm 😀 (I told you it was unrelated!)

So folks, enjoy this cute little Coca-Cola add, and although funny, has so much truth hidden underneath 😉

(Insert witty, sign off line here)

Coca-Cola Social Media Guard – YouTube.