Wow Fireworks. I’ll Save These For Later

Wow Fireworks. I’ll Save These For Later

Hello! Okay, so today’s post is inspired by one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE (Christmas) MOVIES! I’ve always loved the movie Home Alone. The first two were brilliant, the second was… okay, but like, not anything to go to town about. The fourth was dog shit awful. I watched it more out of obligation to the series… Nothing more. It’s still by far the best movie of my childhood (alongside My Girl and Free Willy) it’s a bit creepy at points, but that’s okay. Show me a movie today that is so freakishly absurd and hilarious without being vile and completely inappropriate. I know that he’s all grown up and not as cute as he once was (I mean,  who really is, besides the most amazing Ryan Gosling #habbahabba)

HA eyes

Where to begin. So in this new phase where I’m able do things and kind of, make up my own my mind and stuff. I’m realizing that it’s really good to do things on your own. There’s a feeling of freedom and independence that comes with doing things by yourself and being able to simply, well, be by yourself. It’s weird sometimes, when I’m home alone and the only time I end up talking to someone is when I voice note my sister haha. But even then it’s not that bad, because I’m able to enjoy my own company from time to time! It’s an important thing to realize, because we’re constantly surrounded by people and we’re often terrified of being by ourselves, lest we have to deal with all the deep and dark corners of our lives we’re more than comfortable to ignore when we’re around other people.

HA SHopping

Be generous. This movie, with it’s vast craziness taught me that it’s good to be nice to people! Even if you don’t want to! The world needs more altruism and it starts with you and I darling. And, you don’t have to go full force and be mother Mary all in one go. Ease yourself into it, if you’re like me, you’ll add a little sass to your generosity; which I now realize is something I might have learnt from this movie in the first place! Thanks Kev 😉

HA Change

Heart break sucks. It sucks more than anything sucky I’ve experienced, so yes. Once you’ve been hurt it takes a toll on your heart and it becomes a bit hard after a while. You’ll start to question life and why you even try to love people when you just get hurt all the time. Your heart breaks all over again when you think that you’ve finally healed and that hurts like a bitch. But it’s important to know that you will heal completely and that you will be whole again, maybe not now, or tomorrow, or even next year, but you will be able to smile without the sadness looming behind your eyes. There is niceness left in you, it may be somewhere way, way deep down, but t’s there.

HA Heart

Geesh! That went deep quickly! Onto my next point. It’s okay to go absolutely bat-shit crazy. Let your Freak Flag Fly! Do what you need to do to stay true to who you are 🙂 I feel that sometimes we’re so used to norms and culture and adhering to social convention that we kind of becoming a non-unique species and complete creatures of habit. If you want to wear a floral and polka dot outfit combination, you do it. Absolutely love the crop top and skater skirt trend? Then do it unashamedly! Don’t feel like a freak for loving all things hip and mainstream, flip, just do it. If you want to talk in New Girl references for an entire afternoon, then why the hell not. You’re only young once, and you’ll only have this much energy at one point in your life, so make the most of it. Don’t undersell yourself for the sake of someone else. you’re doing yourself a huge injustice. And you will never understand the understated joy of being happy with just being weird haha.

HA CRazy

With that said, don’t take shit from anyone. People are going to hurt you and walk over you and then push you down and walk over you again. People suck actually, but anyway. So! To deal with the sucky people, you’re going to have to stand up for yourself and put your foot down. Don’t allow people to let their negativity dampen your bright smile and don’t allow people to make you feel weak to compensate for their own weaknesses. Stand up for yourself, be brave about your opinions and don’t settle! Baby Llama don’t need no drama!

HA Gun

While we’re on the topic of people and their drama, hold on to the people that make you smile. There will always be the people in your life that you need to hold at arm’s length. There will be the people who screw you over, who break your heart, who make you want to give up your will to live. And then you’ll have those with whom you can’t seem to live without. The ones who you love endlessly, whose mere existence make you glad to be alive. Those who fill your heart with so much love that you can’t help but pass it onto others. Those are the one you need to hold on to.

HA FRiend

That’s all from me for now 🙂  Life is scary and people suck, but if Kevin Mc Callister could make it on his own while his family left the country without him, I’m pretty sure you can make it through today 😉

Love and learning to smile again,

Rochelle Joy xx

Gossip Girl in Sweet Valley of the Traveling Pants.

Gossip Girl in Sweet Valley of the Traveling Pants.

So! Seeing as I kinda very much enjoyed my Phoebe Buffay themed post, I thought I’d do something similar. This time however, I shall use my all time favourite movie Easy A as the subject. Mostly because Olive is amazing and I have the biggest girl crush on Emma Stone, she’s so hilarious.

Whoohoo! Here goes! A few things I learnt from Olive Penderghast (and the awesome people in the movie).

easy sunshine

There is absolutely no shame in singing, whatever it is you want to sing, wherever it is you want to sing it, whether you’re able to sing or not. I often get ridiculed for my taste in music (even though it spans across all genres, from Mumford & Sons to Muse, from Panic at the Disco to Pendulum, and from Taylor Swift to well, you kinda get my point 😉 ). So you can only imagine my joy and delight to watch a movie wherein she, Ms Pretty Cool But Doesn’t Really Realize it Yet, goes bat shit crazy to a song that is deemed as kinda really lame. But it made her happy, so she went for it!

easy sunday

On the topic of singing to your heart’s content, it’s perfectly fine to spend the entire weekend at home, singing and dancing and doing that which makes your heart smile. Look at her, all happy and in her pjs on a Sunday night singing along to the song that once made her go ‘bleh, worst song ever.’

easy shit

This kinda reiterates the point I’ve already made in the Phoebe Buffay post about it being okay to curse from time to time. It doesn’t make you less of a lady when you do. If anything, it kinda makes you pretty badass, it puts you in touch with your emotions in a way that you just can’t express with beautiful modern day English.

Easy british

easy yob

On that note, don’t limit yourself to the English language! Be bold, learn a new language, the world is vast and diverse and we have to much to learn from it, including new languages! I read something this week that said ‘Don’t make fun of people who speak broken English, it means they are fluent in another language.’ Which is so very true! I love it when people don’t speak English, I feel as if there is always something new to learn and we shouldn’t limit ourselves to what we know and what we’re comfortable with.

easy gentleman

Another thing I’ve learnt from Olive is that it is completely okay to be super excited about prospective dates. You will not end up like the saddest, craziest cat lady on the block because you are beautiful and fabulous and worthy of love, always. So be your awesome gorgeous self 😉

easy burn

I have one phrase for this one. HATERS GONNA HATE. I can’t leave it there, because I’m an elaborator (that’s not a word, it kinda sounds like a dinosaur) haha. Seriously though, there will always be people in and/or out of your life who will not agree with the way you do things. There will be people who simply don’t like you, for no apparent reason, and that’s okay. Don’t let the haters get you down, you can’t expect to be liked by everyone, you’re not a jar of Nutella (I stole that!)

easy branch

I love hyperbolic speak! There’s something about exaggerating that is just brilliant. Yes, it’s going to annoy a lot of people, but it makes you happy doesn’t it? And, when people actually see the humor in it, hold on to those people, because they are very few and far in between… At least they’re that way in my case anyway haha.
easy John

It’s completely okay to want to have big romantic gestures. I think we’ve become too used to quick and easy (haha), microwave meal type things, that the romance of it all has gotten lost. So there is absolutely nothing wrong in wanting your life to be like an 80’s movie. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be treated like a princess and to be swept off your feet. Just realize that you’re the one who decides how you’re going to deal with what happens in your life. And whether it’s a musical or not though… Is completely up to you 😉

easy shower

Whatever you do though, just ensure that you’re happy doing it 🙂

Love and the need to watch this amazing movie again,

Rochelle xx